A group of motorcyclists left onlookers stunned and outraged as they took advantage of the unusually-quiet traffic conditions on a main road in Bradford to pull 'ludicrous' wheelies.

At around 5pm, the group blasted under the Dudley Hill underpass, travelling from the direction of Tong Street and down Wakefield Road, towards the city centre.

One onlooker said: "They came from under the underpass. They were already travelling a bit when I saw them and then the first one pulled a huge wheelie, which prompted two of the following group to do the same.

"One almost went off the back of his bike but snatched the brake just in time to pull himself back down. It was ludicrous."

The onlooker said such stupidity could put extra pressure on already-stretched emergency services during the coronavirus crisis.

He added: "If they got that wrong, there would be a whole pile of emergency services who would have to come to their aid.

"I just though 'Selifish' - that's the best word for it."

Normally, such antics would be impossible on Wakefield Road at rush hour due to the congested nature of the route, but today's lockdown meant traffic conditions were much lighter.