THE ARMY will NOT enforce the UK lockdown, according to the Health Secretary.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson addressed the nation late last night and told the UK that people would only be allowed to leave their homes for very specific purposes, due to the coronavirus outbreak.

This was limited to essential shopping trips, one bit of exercise a day, to care for others, and if you are a key worker heading to your job.

The lockdown will be reviewed in around three weeks time.

Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Matt Hancock, fielded questions on a variety of concerns surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak and the lockdown in the House of Commons this afternoon.

One particular query focused on whether the army would be used to enforce the lockdown at any point. 

Mr Hancock responded to say that the army would NOT be used in this way and that the role of enforcement will fall to police.

He added that fines begin at £30 and will increase depending if the rules are flaunted continuously.

Many people over the weekend posted on social media website, Facebook, saying they had seen the army in their towns and cities.

But this latest update from Hancock quashes rumours which circulated that troops were there in preparation to enforce the lockdown, with the Health Secretary reassuring the public that the army will only be used to help with medical efforts.