THE household items British people use to spice things up in the bedroom have been revealed.

EOT Cleaning Company asked 1,668 people what common household objects they have taken and decided to use in the bedroom.

When it comes to the household objects people use to spice up their sex life, the one that most people have admitted to using (89 per cent) is something most of us find in our kitchens - the spatula.

Second on the list is rope (85 per cent).

Third and fourth on the list of household items people revealed they use in the bedroom are some of our most used cleaning objects – rubber gloves (82 per cent), followed closely by dusters (81 per cent), mirrors scored 72 per cent.

People have also admitted to using some more uncommon objects to spice things up in their romantic life; objects like broomsticks (55 per cent), sponges (47 per cent) and even the vacuum cleaner (41 per cent).