THREE members of Bradford City's squad, including captain Clayton Donaldson, have urged people to stay at home during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

In a powerful online video, Bradford-born Donaldson gave a stark warning to Bantams fans for them to stay indoors to help each other and the NHS.

He also urged everyone to stay at home but if they do have to go outdoors to abide by the governments two-metre social distancing guidelines.

He added: "Coronavirus is a massive, massive, major, major virus which kills.

"We don't want to be labelling people as killers and murderers, because that's what we are doing, effectively. By not abiding by the rules, you can effectively kill someone, being too close that is infected, infecting them.

"Coronavirus kills and you could potentially do the same thing.

"Please, please abide by the rules. Stay indoors, stay safe. It is serious. We need to help people, NHS especially.

"Keep watching the news, keep listening to the new guidelines and stick by it.

"Loads of people have got grandparents and ancestors that were sent to war. That was their war. We have got loads of grandparents and ancestors that were sent to work on a plantation. That was their war. Some had grandparents and ancestors that were sent to work on slave ships. That was their war.

"Our war is to be kept indoors, our war is to stay inside I know which war I would choose, I hope you guys would choose the same."

Donaldson's views were echoed by team-mates, goalkeeper Richard O'Donnell and fellow frontman Shay McCartan, who also posted video messages to fans online.

O'Donnell also urged people to abide by the social distancing rules.

He said: "It's a very difficult time for everyone.

"Try to stay at home as much as you can. I know it is difficult if you have family that don't live with you.

"Try to stay indoors. If you go outside, try to keep two metres away from people. Give people the space.

"I hope to see you at the Valley soon. Take care and stay safe."

McCartan, who is at home in his native Ireland also urged the club's fans to stay safe.

He said: "All the lads have a fitness plan. We are trying to stay to that as best we can.

"We should only go out for essentials.

"The better we do that, the sooner we will be out there doing the things we love."

The players' views support the Stay.At.Home campaign, launched by health professionals in Bradford on Sunday.

An image from the NHS appeared on the large video screen in Centenary Square, which read: 'Coronavirus. Isolate Your Household. Stay at Home'.

Speaking at the launch, Professor John Wright, a public health doctor and the Director of the Bradford Institute of Health Research at Bradford Royal Infirmary, issued the stern make-or-break message.

He said: "This is an urgent next 48 hours.

"This is going to cause a lot of deaths in the city.

“The storm is coming to West Yorkshire. Now is the time to take shelter.

"Everybody needs to stay at home. This will be for the foreseeable future."