A BRADFORD MP has revealed her "relief" after the Government listened to her religious burial amendment to the Coronavirus Bill.

The emergency bill - which aims to give the Government extra powers to deal with the COVID-19 outbreak - is being discussed in Parliament today.

It is at the "second reading" stage, after it was first introduced to the House of Commons last Thursday, March 19.

The bill covers many areas, including powers in relation to transportation, storage and disposal of dead bodies (Schedule 27).

Bradford West MP Naz Shah tabled an amendment yesterday on the basis that some religious communities - particularly Muslim and Jewish communities - were worried that legislation in this schedule could lead to cremations being used instead of burials, should capacity issues arise. 

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Cremation is forbidden in Islam and Judaism.

An amendment has now been implemented.

Under Part 3 of this schedule (27), which is titled "power to direct local authorities etc", new lines have been added.

It states: "Local authorities and the appropriate national authorities must have regard to the desirability of disposing of a dead person's body or other remains, in accordance with the person's wishes, if known, or otherwise in a way that appears consistent with the person's religion or beliefs, if known."

MP Shah's tabled amendment was signed by more than 100 MP's in the end, with cross-party sponsorship on show too.

It did not need to go to a vote.

She posted on social media website, Twitter, to share her relief at the news.

She said: "I'm so relieved that the Government have listened to what we've said about religious burials for Muslim and Jewish people and have brought forward an amendment to address our concerns.

"I don't need to push my amendment to a vote.

"Thank you so much to everyone for your support."