Houseplant shop Plant One On Me, in Sunbridge Wells, closed its doors on Saturday. Owner Ursula Sutcliffe looks back on the week when life changed forever

Surreal. It’s the only word I can come up with.

As I write this it’s Monday. Outside is a crisp, beautiful morning, probably one of the nicest mornings we’ve had in weeks.

I’ve made my coffee, my dog has come to sit beside me, as she does every morning, and I’m staring out of the window.

Everything seems the same but nothing is.


No alarm going off, no school uniforms to iron, no plant stock to order.

You see last week Bradford’s independent shops were the first to be hit by the coronavirus advice.

Boris Johnson asked the public not go out but put nothing in place for businesses and from that moment on I watched my business neighbours disappear.

It was surreal. On Saturday I had to shut my shop. My little dream. A little haven amongst the concrete jungle of Bradford and for some, a community.

So here I am. I’ve brought my plants home in order to save what I can.

My husband is self-employed and so is my son, and like many of you we don’t know quite what to do next.

My only solace is that we are all in this together.

No-one is immune from the effects of COVID-19 and now more than ever we have to act as one.

Take note of the advice given. Help our neighbours and stay healthy.

So for now I’m working on ways to keep my shop alive. I’m working on ways to connect with as many of you as possible and I hope we get through this stronger.

Bradford was slowly coming back. More independents were starting businesses in Bradford.

We had events to make this summer bigger and better, a sense of community was spreading throughout the city and we must not forget that.

We might have to be physically isolated, but let’s make sure we don’t become emotionally isolated too.

Until the next time, planters.

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