AN entertainer says he would love to speak to Prime Minister Boris Johnson directly, saying he's fearful for his future as the coronavirus outbreak takes its grip.

Paul Harper, 57, usually works as a self-employed singer at a host of venues across the district. He says he was used to performing seven or 10 times each week in pubs, clubs and residential homes across Bradford.

But since Mr Johnson's decision to close all pubs, restaurants and leisure attractions, Mr Harper has been left without work.


He is a member of the Equity group for entertainers and hope they will lobby on his and his fellow entertainers' behalf.

Mr Harper, of Low Moor, says he agrees with the closure of venues but says he will not be able to live on the government cash package announced yesterday.

He said: "I have worked as a self-employed entertainer for 35 years.

"I would love to speak to Boris to my put my point across about what is happening.

"I'm scared. It's just a joke that I'm expected to live on £94 a week Universal Credit.

"I am now terrified because I feel our sector of self-employed entertainers have thrown to the lions through no fault of our own. The government have overlooked us.

"I have 200-300 friends who work in the entertainment business and their careers are over just like that.

"I pay my stamp and my taxes but now still have bills of over £450 per week and was told to claim universal credit which is £94 per week. Impossible.

"I will not go under because of this. I work hard to keep afloat.

"Please somebody help the entertainment industry."