HALF of the people in Yorkshire are not always following Government advice and regularly washing their hands for 20 seconds, a study conducted this week has found.

And only two in 10 people say they are managing to touch their faces less in a bid to slow the spread of coronavirus.

According to the survey, 46 per cent are following hand-washing advice all the time, while three per cent say they only follow it rarely or never.

This is despite the fact that over half (61%) of people in the Yorkshire reveal they are fearful of becoming ill with the virus, and a third saying they are planning to self-isolate to avoid getting it.

The study of the population’s behavior during the growing crisis – conducted by research experts, 4media Group – was completed this week after the government announced stricter guidelines on public gatherings and self-isolation.

It found that a third of adults are scared the virus might kill them, and half of people are worried about their friends and family becoming ill.

A quarter of the people surveyed say they are leaving the house less and avoiding large public spaces, while only 14 per cent say they are avoiding public transport.

But 26 per cent say they are touching their faces less, one of the key steps in the government’s advice.

Meanwhile, as some supermarkets introduce food rationing, in Yorkshire only 26 per cent confess they have raided shops to stockpile provisions.

Top items cleared from stores are tinned food, followed by toilet rolls, frozen stuff, baked beans, hand sanitiser, and flu and cold medicines.