A HAWORTH man who was self-isolating over coronavirus fears has given an insight into what could happen once you call 111.

The traveller in his 70s, who did not want to be named, flew from Tokyo to Dubai before catching a flight back to Manchester airport.

He began to struggle with a 'wet cough' and breathlessness four weeks before he was away in Japan and had seen a doctor who believed it was nothing more than a Winter bug.

The man dialled the health service helpline as soon as he arrived back to the village based on 111 guidance at the time, unsure whether it could be coronavirus or just general bad health.

111 advised self-isolation last week and arranged transport after numerous calls with the helpline and Airedale Hospital.


Many of us know the protocol for self-isolation but what actually happens when you need to be tested?

The 71-year-old, who doesn't have a car, scheduled for an ambulance to pick him up on Thursday night with 111.

He explained: "They sent a full emergency two crewed ambulance and in the back was a guy in a protective suit and the nurses came out and swabbed.

"The ambulance crew man said he wasn't allowed.

"They put a non-painful swab down your throat."

The swab is then placed in a sealed bottle and sent off for testing.

The man received the good news that he tested negative for coronavirus this morning.

"The individual nurse staff were brilliant and doing a very good job under high pressure," he added.

"I feel bad to have taken up their time but that was caused by the systems (protocol at the time)."