WHAT an insipid show ITV’s Dancing On Ice has become. Sunday’s lacklustre final was like watching paint dry.

It has none of Strictly's pizazz. Even the judges looked bored, as it limped to an end, handing out 10s like Smarties. Did Joe Swash deserve to win? Of course not. He was average at best, but he had the Loose Women vote, so it ended up a popularity contest. Perri Kiely’s somersault had the wow factor, but his skating wasn’t in the same league as previous contestants Hayley Tamaddon, Bradford’s Chris Fountain and multi-talented Ray Quinn. And I think that’s where Dancing on Ice has lost its way. The contestants aren’t very good anymore.

Ice dancing is dangerous and impressive, but there's little variety and it gets a bit dull to watch. Time to put it on ice.