A BRADFORD manufacturing plant's future is in jeopardy with 140 jobs at risk.

Federal-Mogul Bradford Limited, based in the Rowan Trade Park off Neville Road, could shutdown after a consultation process.

It comes amid "long-term declining demand", according to a spokesperson for parent company, Tenneco - which took over Federal-Mogul in October 2018.

Those working at the Bradford plant - which specialises in making piston pins for vehicle engines - were informed in a letter on March 10 that "no decision had been made" and that it was "still a proposal for consideration and consultation".

But one employee - who wished to remain anonymous - admits it is likely this is the end of the road for the factory.

They said: "Don't get me wrong, the letter says the process is in its early stages, but it is going to happen.

"The reason they've briefed the shopfloor staff is because it was going to get out."

A spokesperson for Tenneco said: "Federal-Mogul Bradford Ltd can confirm that due to long-term declining demand, it is exploring various options for the future of its manufacturing facility at Neville Road.

"The site currently employs 140 people producing piston pins for car and commercial vehicle engines.

"A consultation process has begun with employees and their representatives."

The letter states: "It is with regret that today I have to announce that Tenneco Powertrain a division of Tenneco Inc. is considering an approach to transfer customer contracts along with some plant machinery from the piston pins business of Federal-Mogul Bradford Limited to a US buyer.

"At present, no decision has been made and this is still a proposal for consideration and consultation.

"This proposed transfer of contracts along with some plant machinery would affect all the employees working for the Bradford based Piston Pins business of Federal-Mogul if it proceeds.

"The potential buyer has no presence in the UK and therefore if the sale proceeds, the proposal would mean that the production of pins at the Bradford plant would gradually wind down over the course of time with eventual site closure.

"The potential buyer would absorb the contracts into their existing facilities creating the opportunity for them to make the products more profitable by removing the fixed overhead (building costs) of the Bradford facility.”

The letter also mentions that the "staff headcount" at the plant will have to be reviewed regardless of whether the transfer goes ahead or not.

The anonymous employee says the business hasn't helped, with poor decisions from above.

They said: "Bradford has always been a poor relation as far as investment has been concerned.

"There has been a lot of bad decisions made.

"It's always been a battle of constant struggle, because of the lack of investment.

"We've had three plant managers in five years, which is a lot.

"The wages in the UK are higher than places like Poland and India, where they put the other plants.

"It's poor management and a lack of investment - we had 40-odd redundancies the other month.

"We lost a lot of skilled workers and so we got quality issues as a result.

"It's too little too late now.

"We had a one million pound investment to get a new grinding line and that was good and positive and there was more money for another line, but that won't come now, it will be in America."

"I personally think it could have been avoided, if we'd been more competitive.

"But, they're not interested in the people or the plant, they want the business and they've got that now.

"Business has dropped off, but it's a lucrative business."

It will be a huge loss to Bradford and could impact other firms, according to the anonymous employee.

They said: "For me personally, and I speak for other people too, they pay quite good wages - from a management and shopfloor point of view.

"I'm having to start again in the job market, and for the wages that Federal-Mogul paid and the calibre of the job, you won't get that wage in Bradford.

"We're going to have to travel further afield.

"We've gone from 200 and a lot will struggle to find work of that calibre and pay.

"The shopfloor staff are more nervous.

"It's a real shame - Federal-Mogul is one of the biggest players in the automotive world.

"Over the years, when hundreds and hundreds of people worked there, it was a good living for everybody and it was a big employer at the time.

"It's another business going out of Bradford, but it's also going out of Yorkshire as well.

"There will be a lot of people looking for a job in the Bradford area - all the other suppliers for example, with the materials we'd bring in from them on a regular basis.

"It's a real shame it's leaving, with it being there since pre-war."