Looking tired and sipping Bacardi from a bottle Emperor Rosko the well-known Radio 1 DJ and Top Of The Pops presenter confessed to a T&A journalist that he had felt no contact with the audience during his 1971 gig at Bradford’s St George’s Hall. “I think they were happy but there was something missing,” he replied.

After signing a fans photo he continued to complain about the theatre’s set up, stating that it was impossible to play a record as they danced on the stage, and wished he had been given more time to balance his equipment before the crowds were let in.

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Talking about his radio career Rosko stated that he had just one wish, a 24-hour radio station entirely dedicated to the youth of the country and those who wished to be young.

Rosko, born Michael Joseph Pasternak, son of Hollywood film producer Joe Pasternak, joined BBC Radio 1 in September 1967. Rosko was also the inspiration behind the character "The Count" in the 2009 film The Boat That Rocked, known as Pirate Radio in the United States.