THE Golden-Oldies Charity “Goldies” has cancelled its SING&SMILE sessions in Eldwick for the next five weeks as part of Coronavirus/ COVID-19 precautions.

Founder Grenville Jones said: “We know that many of the people who attend our Goldies Sing&Smile sessions are over 80 and are extremely vulnerable in this current situation. Our first responsibility is to care for their wellbeing.

“If the situation improves, as we all hope it will, Goldies will recommence the week commencing Monday April 20th.

“We have contacted all of our session leaders and all the venues. Goldies sessions bring joy and are very important to so many older people. We hope that SONGS&SMILES will soon be back .”

A source for the Golden-Oldies group in Eldwick said if they continued there would be no insurance cover.