MARCH 1975 fire had gutted the carpet warehouse of Sharp's Floor Furnishers based in John Street Market, causing thousands of pounds worth of damage and putting a halt to the morning trade. Not only had the blaze caused major disruptions for stallholders but the thick black smoke had brought traffic in Rawson Road and Northgate areas to a standstill.

Overall the blaze had taken the fire brigade an hour and a-half to bring under control with dense smoke still pouring from the building due to the large stock of linoleum stored at the warehouse.

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While police sealed off roads in the immediate area, due to a drifting cloud of smoke, cars were still allowed to park on the upper levels of the multi-story car park directly above the warehouse building.

Unfortunately, that was not the only Bradford city centre blaze that week. Fire had also swept through a five-story building in Ivegate.