THROWBACK THURSDAY: Vintage setting for memorable meals

Bradford’s Vintage Steakhouse and Russel’s bistro and wine bar

Here’s another blast from the past, the ill-fated, elegantly glazed-tiled building on Hall Ings, opening its doors as the Vintage Steakhouse, October 1968.

With 25 years’ catering experience the high-class eatery was a joint venture between a Mr Andrew and Mr Christoforou who both had similar establishments in Doncaster and Leeds.

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The interior of the Vintage Steakhouse was as pleasing as its exterior. The premises were divided into three spacious saloons, all decorated to an Edwardian manner, in rich fabrics.

The saloons were identical with arched ceilings and tables curtained off into booths so that the customers may eat in relative privacy.

Another great feature of the restaurant was the supper license which allowed the bar staff to serve until 11.30pm for those who liked to have a drink with their meal and the fact that customers could choose their own piece of meat from a large fridge before being cooked in the well-appointed kitchen.

The Vintage Steak Bar closed its doors in 1982 following an imposed parking ban on all roads near Hall Ings and a fire on the premises. Rowdy bus queues, double yellow lines on Charles Street and the evening closure of the C&A car park, also contributed to the lack of customers visiting the restaurant.

By October 1983, like a phoenix rising from the flames, the smart, yet informal setting on Hall Ings had become home to the light and spacious bistro and wine bar, Russel’s.