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A COUNCILLOR has confirmed that an Ilkley resident has tested positive for coronavirus.

Officials revealed the details of the case in an email sent to all politicians representing Bradford district. 

Councillor Anne Hawkesworth (Ilkley, The Independents) revealed the woman drove herself to the LGI earlier this week.

Upon hearing the results, the woman and her family self isolated in their home. 

The T&A has been contacted by Ilkley residents who claim the woman is in her 50s.

She reportedly began experiencing symptoms after a family holiday in Italy.

The paper now understands public health officials are bracing themselves for the likelihood of more cases at the BRI and Airedale Hospital.

The councillor is urging those in Bradford to remain calm.

She told the Telegraph & Argus: "I think the important thing is for people not to get into a panic. I've been doing some reading up.

"It does appear to be affecting people when they're elderly but having said that so does flu. Looking at some of the incidents, the incidents of people dying from flu it's about the same as covid 19. However keep washing your hands and just be plain straight forward careful."