A woman who attacked a security guard and two police officers after downing a litre of gin had 305 previous offences on her criminal record, Bradford Crown Court heard.

Kelly Marsh, who moved to Bradford from the Midlands to make a new start, slapped the guard in the face and dug her nails into the officers’ arms after drunkenly abusing staff in Northgate Bistro in Oastler Square.

Marsh, 39, pleaded guilty to assault by beating, two charges of assaulting an emergency worker and being drunk and disorderly in Wilkinsons in Bradford city centre, all at around 2.30pm on September 9 last year.

Prosecutor Conor Quinn said that Marsh had 100 previous convictions for 305 offences, including a string of attacks on police officers.

She was drunk in Northgate Bistro and spilled sugar all over the table.

Marsh then told staff members to piss off and verbally abused the security guard they called in to assist them.

She slapped him across the face and staggered across to nearly Wilkinsons where she was arrested.

Marsh went on to dig her nails into two police officers, in the custody suite at Trafalgar House Police Station and at Bradford Royal Infirmary after she was taken there by ambulance because of concerns for her health.

She lashed out when a nurse was trying to help her and attacked the police officer handcuffing her, Mr Quinn said.

Marsh told the police she “wasn’t bothered” because she would get only a short jail sentence.She added that she had downed a litre of gin and couldn’t remember anything.

Her lawyer, Ben Robinson, said Marsh suffered significant trauma in her early life and began using hard drugs to block it out.

She moved to Bradford to make a new start and was now drug free.

Marsh, whose previous address was Prospect Street, Buttershaw, Bradford, had been in custody in Newhall Prison since September and was now relocating to a city in another part of the country.

Judge Jonathan Rose said: “She seems to hold authority in complete and utter contempt.”

He told Marsh she had “an appalling record.”

She was so drunk that she lost control of her behaviour and attacked a security guard and two police officers.

But because Marsh had been in custody for six months she had already served any sentence that could be imposed on her.

“Even with the maximum sentence, she would be out almost immediately,” Judge Rose said.

He made a two year community order with a nine month drug rehabilitation requirement.