A "LITTLE eco warrior" aged just five-years-old has started a campaign to clear up a shopping complex littered with rubbish.

Mum Laura Turner and her daughter Millicent were walking to Morrisons in Thornbury one weekend when Millicent described feeling "upset" by the sight of Morrison's coffee cups, plastic bottles and crisp packets in shrubs and bushes - a home to birds and squirrels.

Millicent, who is no ordinary little girl, began asking whether she could pick up the rubbish but Laura said they'll talk about things they can do to fix it once they got home.

The two often discuss climate change and the environment together - an unavoidable subject seen on the news everyday and now a part of the school curriculum from key stage one to key stage four.

"She kept going on about it," Laura explained.

"She said, 'This is horrible, it's making me sad, I want to tidy it all'. So I said we'll have a think about it and decide what she wanted to do."

Now the mother and daughter duo have written to Morrisons headquarters asking them to commit to keeping the area tidy and install two bins along the path up to the retail park.

Laura continued: "She's a very thoughtful little girl.

"She's very big on animals so when she saw the rubbish it upset her.

"I was quite shocked but I was very proud that she wanted to do something to make it look nice again. Just very proud.

"She's got a good heart.

"With the whole plastic thing in the media, I have shown her videos of the sea creatures with the plastics and foxes getting things stuck on their head, how important it is to recycle.

"It's important for the supermarkets to be responsible for the rubbish on their land.

"She's my little eco warrior."

Laura says it has been a struggle to get the supermarket on board, having received no reply since sending a letter over a month ago.

Having heard nothing back, she emailed the store manager twice.

The family, who live in Yeadon but often shop at Morrisons in Thornbury, would like to organise a litter pick with Morrisons representatives and staff to start making a difference to the area.

"She's very excited to get started. She's already planning another area close to our home she wanted to tidy," Laura added.

"To not respond to a five year old girl, it's horrible.

"They haven't sent an acknowledgement letter.

"She's really concerned there isn't a bin.

"With all the problems with the plastics, they should take charge of their own land.

"It's horrible to see that around when you're going shopping as well.

"She's very excited."

But a spokesperson for Morrisons has promised that their hopes are in the works.

A store spokesperson said: "Around the perimeter of our store litter can build up, especially in the recent high winds.

"We take pride in our stores and are in touch with Laura about this.

"Staff at the store are looking to organise a litter pick in the coming weeks."