THE PUBLIC helped rescue a woman who was left hanging "upside down" in her flipped car.

Police were called to a crash at around 9.24am, on Allerton Road, at its junction with Thornton Road.

It involved a green Ford Fiesta.

Collin Wild was parked at the lights in his friend's car when he saw the terrifying accident unfold. 

The Ford was turning left when it completely flipped upside down, he said.

Mr Wild added: "I told my friend to ring a ambulance.

"I got out of the car along with about another 10 to 15 people.

"We saw the woman upside down, with her seatbelt still on, stuck.

"Her back axle had snapped and so we all said we need to flip the car and together we all managed to right the car and get the woman out.

"We got her to the side of the road and waited for ambulance."

A police spokesperson said the call came in as a "damage-only" road traffic collision.

Yorkshire Ambulance Service said they were called at 9.21am to the incident.

A rapid response vehicle and ambulance was sent.

The woman was taken to Bradford Royal Infirmary (BRI).

Mr Wild said: "It was quite scary, but I knew I had to help the woman out with the rest of the people that helped.

"I thought she was injured but I'm glad she was out okay."