YET another West Yorkshire school has urged pupils to self-isolate in the wake of a half-term trip to Northern Italy.

New advice from the government instructs anyone with flu-like symptoms, who recently travelled to Northern Italy, to self-isolate for two weeks.

The guidance also applies to anyone who recently returned from Italy's quarantined towns and affected regions - Lombardy and Veneto - even if they have no symptoms.

A mum from Ilkley told Radio 5 Live yesterday morning  that her son had showed "signs of having a sniffle" after returning from a ski-trip on Sunday.

Ilkley Grammar School told the Telegraph & Argus that it was directly calling parents who sent their children on the trip.

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A school in Huddersfield had taken precautions too by sending home 19 pupils and four members of staff who also went on a ski-trip in Northern Italy.

Salendine Nook High School Academy returned from their trip via Milan airport on Saturday.

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Crofton Academy, in Wakefield, is the latest West Yorkshire School to announce it is telling students to stay at home.

A statement from headteacher, Peter Walker, said: "The latest advice from Public Health England and NHS111 is that the students and staff who went on the ski trip during half-term to Italy are to stay indoors and self-isolate and ring 111 to get further information.  

"This is a precautionary measure.

"Please be reassured that no one in the school is presenting with any Coronovirus symptoms.  

"We are following advice from Public Health England and NHS 111.

"Students who attended the trip are to remain off school for 14 days (calendar days).

"This situation has arisen today given the extension of the exclusion zone in Italy to the whole of Northern Italy.  

"That was not the situation prior to today.

"We have been advised that it is only when symptoms are displayed that others are at risk, and as pointed out above none of those who returned from Italy and who were sent home today have displayed symptoms.

"Any school trip that has been to Northern Italy over half-term are in the same situation as ourselves, this is not exclusive to us at Crofton.  

"As and when we have any further information/updates we will issue updated communications."

Anyone with specific medical concerns should contact Public Health England on 111 for further advice on symptoms.

The symptoms are fever, shortness of breath and a dry cough.