CHILDREN'S safety is "compromised" at a city centre nursery, according to its latest Ofsted report.

Tiny Tots Bradford, in Thornton Road, received an Inadequate rating when the education watchdog visited for an inspection on January 20.

The report was published on February 25.

It states: "Children's safety is compromised through staff's lack of understanding of safeguarding, including child protection issues and the setting's own safeguarding policies.

"Staff's inability to identify the signs that indicate a child may be at risk from harm and to report concerns quickly, means children are not protected.

"Despite supervision sessions being in place, they are ineffective."

Concerns about children's safety are not reported to the relevant authorities in a timely manner, which poses a significant risk to children, it adds.

The nursery was also criticised for staff not being clear in what their roles and responsibilities are, weak implementation of staff training, and the lack of promotion of children's emotional wellbeing due to an ineffective "key-person" system.

Children are given a suitable range of resources to make independent choices in their learning, and there are props and displays that help children recognise emotions.

The report also states: "Children are provided with suitable opportunities to develop an awareness of other cultures and traditions that are different to their own.

"They learn about the importance of harvest from around the world, including a South Indian Hindu harvest festival called Pongal."

But, staff do not address significantly disruptive behaviours well, or challenge children enough.

The report states: "Staff move children into other rooms of the nursery when their behaviour becomes too challenging instead of giving them clear guidance."

It later continues to say: "Leaders do not implement an effective curriculum that is designed to cater for children's individual learning needs.

"For example, staff focus too heavily on themed planning and topic ideas.

"Children are not offered a good level of challenge.

"Staff, on occasions, do not provide good interactions or choose the most appropriate teaching methods to help children engage well in their learning."

The nursery was deemed to be Good in its previous full inspection, back in 2014.

But, since then, concerns and complaints have been raised - in 2015, 2017, and 2019.

The latest of these related to supervision of children, ratios and hygiene practices.

Ofsted conducted a surprise visit last September following this.

The inspector discovered that the nursery was undergoing some minor building work, but had not adequately completed risk assessments regarding the safety and security of the premises.

Tiny Tots Bradford was contacted to make a comment, but did not respond.