A MAN who was killed in a high-speed crash on the M606 following a police pursuit sustained most of his injuries due to not wearing a seatbelt, an inquest heard.

Yasib Ali Mahboob died on December 18, 2017, after being pursued by officers in the early hours of the morning after failing to stop his vehicle.

The 34-year-old, of Whitby Avenue, in the Girlington area of Bradford, had been driving an Audi A4 which collided with the barrier on the bend on to the M62.

The jury at an inquest into his death heard from a forensic collision investigator who outlined how the vehicle Mr Mahboob had been driving that day was found almost split into two following the crash as the M606 filters on to the M62 westbound in the Chain Bar area, near Cleckheaton.

Keith Reyner told Bradford Coroners’ Court, sitting at Bradford Crown Court, that during his investigations he found that Mr Mahboob, who was thrown from the car, had not been wearing a seatbelt.

“There was nothing to suggest he had his seatbelt on at the time,” he said.

“I would suggest the majority of his injuries are from exiting the vehicle not from the collision with the barrier.”

He added that while he could not ascertain an exact speed the vehicle was travelling at due to a lack of tyre or brake markings left on the road, it was more than 140mph based on evidence from the police officers in the lead pursuit vehicle.

He added that there appeared to have been “very little deceleration” and that a heat signature on the road picked up by the thermal imaging camera from the helicopter suggested he was “starting to lose control on the bend due to speed or braking as well”.

Mr Reyner added that theoretically a driver would need to take that bend at under 90mph to be able to navigate it safely and stay in lane.

He told the jury how the Audi had become embedded in the barrier, and the “massive” impact had caused a steel pillar to come completely away and a large portion of the barrier was found across the carriageway.

Debris was also found metres away with parts of the vehicle found on the M62 below the bridge where the collision took place. This resulted in a portion of both motorways needed to be closed.

Neither the Audi or the police vehicles in pursuit were found to have any defects.

The inquest had previously heard that Mr Mahboob had failed to stop for police in the Heaton area and his vehicle was sighted shortly afterwards by officers on traffic duty near Toller Lane roundabout.

An officer trained in Tactical Pursuit and Containment was driving the marked police BMW in pursuit.

Tactical contact was used to try and bring the uninsured Audi to a stop, but Mr Mahboob continued towards the city centre.

The pursuit then continued through the city, up Manchester Road, on to Mayo Avenue and on to the M606 – around six and a half miles in total.

Moments later, at around 3am, Mr Mahboob’s vehicle crashed into the barrier.

The inquest had previously heard Mr Mahboob had 72 documented injuries and was more than double the drink drive limit. There was also evidence of cocaine and cannabis use.

The inquest continues.