A PUB that was shut down last year following numerous noise nuisance concerns could re-open if Bradford Council grants a new licence today.

In September the Council revoked the licence of the Wyke Rose pub after a panel of Councillors were told of numerous instances where loud music way played until as late as 3am.

At the time of that hearing, the licensees of the pub were Clifton Properties.

The pub, on Huddersfield Road, has been empty ever since the decision.

This afternoon the same panel will meet to decide whether to grant a licence to a company called More Beer 4 U 3 Ltd to re-open the pub.

A Council officer has advised that if the licence is granted, the new owners be barred from playing music in the building in future, unless they apply for a separate licence.

Firm hit with £15,000 fine after noise nuisance at Bradford pub

When the Licensing Committee revoked the licence in September, members had been told that numerous residents had complained about music being played at the pub well after 10pm - when the pub was legally allowed to play music.

They heard that music was regularly being played as late as 3am - disturbing neighbours.

Environmental Health officers visited properties near the pub on a number of occasions and heard for themselves the music coming from the pub past its licensed hours.

One event widely advertised for the pub said a DJ would be playing music from 10pm until closing - despite the licence saying all music had to end at 10pm.

In June officers were granted a warrant to seize noise making equipment from the business, and seized four large TVs and 19 speakers.

However, complaints about music continued.

The panel revoked the licence due to a “failure to comply with the licensing conditions.”

In late October Clifton Properties (Yorkshire) ltd, were fined £15,000 after being found guilty of nine counts in relation to licensing breaches and failing to comply with an order to stop the late night noise.

The new application calls for a licence allowing the sale of alcohol at the pub, which dates back over 100 years, from 11am to 11pm.

The licensee will be Drighlington based More Beer 4 U 3 Ltd and the designated premises supervisor would be Nicola Devany.

Under currently government legislation, the Live Music Act 2012, live music can be played at pubs between 8am and 11pm for up to 500 people without a separate music licence.

Environmental Health officer Jeanette Howarth has written to the panel to say that if this alcohol licence is granted, that the Council take the unusual step to “dis-apply” this live music exemption - meaning any live music at the Wyke Rose would require a licence.

Two Wyke local Councillors have objected to the new application.

Councillor David Warburton said he had “deep concerns” about the pub re-opening, adding: “Over a number of years and with various tenants/owners problems around anti-social behaviour and loud music have persisted.”

Cllr Rosie Watson said she feared the noise and anti-social behaviour would start again if the pub re-opened. She added: “Several owners and landlords have been unable to stop the pub being a meeting point for drug dealers and drug takers.”

A resident of Huddersfield Road has also written to the panel, raising concerns about loud music, anti social behaviour and “bad, horrible talk” from future pub goers.

The committee will meet in Bradford City Hall at 2pm.