DYNAMO has shown his support for a nine-year-old boy who was bullied over his dwarfism.

Quaden Bayles, from Queensland, Australia, received support after his mother posted a video of him crying and saying "I just want to die right now" after being teased at his school.

"This is the impact that bullying has on a nine-year-old kid that just wants to go to school, get an education and have fun," she said in the clip, which has been viewed 19 million times on Facebook.

His mother went on to explain the toll Quaden's bullying has had on their family, stating she had to "constantly keep an eye on him" as a result.

She suggested he was being targeted due to his dwarfism, a genetic condition which results in restricted growth.

The video subsequently went viral and led social media users to offer their support, with messages flooding in from hundreds of people using the hashtag #WeStandWithQuaden.

The well-wishers included celebrities such as Hugh Jackman, who said: "Quaden, you're stronger than you know."

"You've got a friend in me," he added.

Now Bradford-born magician Dynamo has lent his backing to Quaden in the following tweet:



Australian actor Hugh Jackman said "you are stronger than you know, mate" and urged people to "be kind" to each other.