A Bradford businessman who knows Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder better than most has given his verdict on their bumper fight this weekend.

Tauseef Malik has welcomed both heavyweight fighters to one of each of his two Mr T's burger restaurants in the past year.

The "Gypsy King" was the first to visit, stopping off at the Great Horton Road branch last February, where he met staff and sampled a meal and milkshake named in his honour.

Wilder meanwhile came to Mr T's in Batley, back in August, and even stopped for a facial at Bradford salon, Prity, beforehand.

Mr Malik is a keen boxing fan and said Wilder even invited him to the bout which takes place in Vegas, during the early hours UK time, on Sunday.

But, he had to decline due to work commitments.

Mr Malik has organised a viewing party for the rematch instead and has given his expert verdict on how he thinks the fight will go, even giving some insider information.

He said: "I think Deontay will aim for a knockout whereas fury will aim to go for the whole 12 rounds.

"I know Fury's been wanting to go for a knockout, however I don’t think that’s the greatest of decisions. He needs to stay calm and focussed and outbox Deontay.

"It’s going to be a close fight making it hard to predict the winner because they're equally good.

"They are two if my favourite boxers so it's a hard choice to pick a winner but I know we’ll be in for a great fight.

"Also I've been following them both - they've been training really hard for this fight.

"There have been a lot of out of ring distractions and media attention so both boxers need to stay focussed if they want a win.

"When Deontay visited Mr T’s in Batley, I asked him about the rematch and he said ‘ this time I knock him down, he's not going to get back up’

"He said he's aiming for a sixth-round knock-out, so we'll find out tonight if he's true to his word."

Whatever the outcome, Mr Malik will always remember the two superstars visiting his restaurants.

Both boxers are "humble guys" according to the business owner.

He said: "Wilder treated everyone like a friend, he spoke about his family to me, about growing up and never made anyone feel like he was a world class boxing champion.

"He's a larger than life character and has become a good friend. We still stay in contact."

"Fury was a little more reserved, but still made time for everyone.

"He was also humble and both happily posed for pictures with fans and showed their appreciation.

"It was clear to see why they have such a huge fan base, they made time out for everyone. In my eyes they both people's champions."

Both Mr T's branches will be remaining open until 4am for the fight.