WITH Pancake Day next Tuesday you might be popping to the shops to get the ingredients this weekend.

But what do you put on your pancakes? Surely it’s the debate that will be raging in Bradford households this weekend.

According to a survey, lemon and sugar is the most popular topping, with 34 per cent.

Maple syrup came in second with 14 per cent of the voters aiming for a sticky sweet topping. While 12 per cent opted for strawberries and cream or Nutella on their pancakes.

Other flavours is banana (6%), treacle, ice cream (both 5%) and mixed berries, caramel and whipped cream (all 4%).

The nation is set to consume 25 billion calories as they gorge on 157 million pancakes this Pancake Day, according to a new study by Parkdean Resorts.

Restaurant managers at Parkdean Resorts combined pancake sales numbers from 65 of their restaurants countrywide and married the data up with a nationwide survey to find out which pancake topping is the nation's favourite broken down by region.