BEFORE voting on the coming year’s budget, Bradford Councillors were given the results of a public consultation into the plans.

At a meeting of Bradford Council on Thursday evening, members voted to approve the ruling Labour party’s budget for 2020/21.

It includes a 3.99 per cent Council Tax rise.

Other parties put forward their own versions of the budget, but Labour had enough members on the Council to push its version through.

Before the vote members were presented with a report detailing the public feedback to the budget plans.

A public consultation was held earlier this year, and received over 100 responses.

Many of these were critical of plans to increase the Green Waste collection service costs, with some saying the service should be free.

Council Tax to rise by 3.99 per cent as Bradford Council's 2020/21 budget is approved

Others raised concerns about the proposed 3.99 per cent Council Tax rise – which was approved on Thursday.

One respondent called for the Council to drop it’s bid for 2025 City of Culture. Another called for a political coup, saying: “Get rid of all Labour councillors.”

Another said: “This council is totally inept and all the councillors should be sacked.”

Another demanded “nothing for the lazy” adding: “Unmarried women in this day and age! Not necessarily. Keeping young bad drivers off roads (big fines).”

Some respondents said Bradford Council was too focused on improving the city centre at the expense of outlying towns.

One person called for the Council to get tougher on people who don’t pay Council Tax, and another said the planned increase in social care funding should not be spent on Children’s Services.

One respondent said: “Sack whoever has allowed the Odeon building fiasco to carry on as long as it has.”

And one reply said: “I feel that more should be done to catch people dumping rubbish. The council wardens should patrol the area to offer a deterrent.”