HOW much would you fine your partner for their most annoying habit? wanted to find out if Brits would fine their partner for their annoying habits and if so, how much they would charge for each habit.

The study discovered that men are more likely to fine their partner for habits involving technology and clothes.

Constantly texting while your partner is talking to you, was the habit most males would fine their other half for - with 91 per cent agreeing. It is also the habit men would fine the most, at £25. Meanwhile, women were more likely to charge their partner for cleaning related habits.

Not doing the housework was the habit most women would charge their lover for at 88 per cent. Women would fine men £20 for not doing this chore – the highest amount out of all habits.

Here are the findings. Their partner’s annoying habit, followed by percentage of men and then women who would charge their partner for this habit and how much men and then women would fine their partner for the habit:

Constantly texting while your partner is talking to you: 91%, 73%, £25, £19.

Not doing the housework: 68%, 88%, £20, £20.

Leaving cupboards/fridge open: 40%, 90%, £8, £16.

Checking phone straight after sex: 49%, 61%, £11, £9.

Not flushing the toilet/leaving the toilet seat up: 39%, 71%, £1, £1.

Snoring: 60%, 40%, £2, £6.

Complaining too much: 61%, 21%, £13, £9.

Spending too much money shopping: 47%, 17%, £16, £4.

Taking too many photos: 33%, 19%, £3, £1.

Taking up too much wardrobe space: 25%, 17%, £3.50, £1.50.