A WOMAN who has been trolled online has urged people to take responsibility for their own behaviour on the net.

Vicky Clifton, from Pudsey, has set-up a petition on Change.org to try halt acts of cruelty on the web, which she believes "should be illegal".

She was stirred into action after the tragic death of celebrity presenter Caroline Flack at the weekend, and having been the victim of online abuse herself.

Mrs Clifton said: "I have launched a petition which asks people to personally pledge to stop engaging with any online trolling behaviours.

"This is different to the national petition doing the rounds asking for a change to mainstream media.

"Rather, this pledge seeks to see people make a personal commitment and reflect on their own online behaviours."

The Pudsey resident would like people to make a personal pledge when signing the petition - to take five simple steps to help stop online abuse and trolling.

Those steps are: 1. Stop making nasty, hurtful comments about someone’s physical appearance.

2. Stop sharing news excerpts on social media in order to be disparaging about someone or to hurt their feelings, be it celebrity or otherwise.

3. Never engage or comment in any way on a post made by a troll.

4. Not engage in gossip about another person, celebrity or otherwise via any social media platform.

5. Boycott mainstream media outlets that do any of the above.

Mrs Clifton started the petition four days ago after she shared a post on her personal Facebook page, in defiance of the trolls that had blighted her for the previous two years.

The post was accompanied by a photo of her with a beaming smile, clad in what looks to be a wedding dress.

She said: "I want you to look at this photo of me. I have a double chin, I'm overweight, look at the fat on my arm go on look.

"Then look at my face, the joy, the vibrancy and the life - so full of life."

Mrs Clifton then revealed the extent of the abuse, saying she had been referred to as "Fat Vicky" and "Fat Pig".

She added: "Trolling is disgusting behaviour. It should be illegal.

"I am wonderful, I do great things and I have an incredible life.

"The trolling won't get me but it did get one beautiful woman this weekend and that's one too many.

"Please don't be one of those who scrolls past or adds a laughing emoji etc.

"Stand up against all forms of trolling."

The post received more than 300 comments, wishing Mrs Clifton well and supporting her message.

Her call to action has also seen the original target of 500 signatures on the petition smashed in just four days, with a new goal now set of 1000 people.

A number of individuals have also come forward to share their own stories of online abuse, including a mum whose young daughter had been self harming as a result of systematic online trolling and abuse.

Mrs Clifton said: "I've been overwhelmed at the response to this campaign so far.

"It feels like people want some clear actions they can take to make a really positive change.

"I'd urge you all to sign the pledge and then really think about what you do and say online from now on.

"This has to change and it can change. We can all lead by example and be the change we want to see."

If you would like to sign the petition, or to find out more information, click here...