PLANS to create one of the most eco friendly housing developments in Yorkshire have been approved.

Last Summer local developers Pure Haus revealed plans to replace three crumbling buildings at SUgden Street, a rural area in Oakenshaw, with two near zero-carbon homes.

The application has now been approved by Bradford Council, and the developers hope it will help inspire future housing developments in the district to be more environmentally friendly.

Once completed the properties, known as Pure Meadows, will include features such as rainwater harvesting, renewable energy on the site and insulation meaning very little heat is lost.

As well as making the properties more environmentally friendly, the features mean that future residents will have lower energy bills.

The previous buildings at the site had been empty and derelict for almost 15 years.

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Approving the development, planning officers said: “Given the run down nature of the site the new development will result in a general improvement of the site, which is currently overgrown and the buildings rapidly deteriorating in condition.”

After plans were approved, Kevin Pratt from Pure Haus said: “We’re relieved that the plan has been approved. Now we can make some real progress.”

The houses will be Passive Haus standard - an internationally recognised standard meaning homes use very little energy for heating and cooling.

There will be a massive reduction in carbon emissions from these homes compared to normal houses.

Features of the approved houses include

- the buildings being wrapped in an airtight structure preventing the uncontrolled movement of air and heat.

- “super-insulated” layer wraps the building, walls, floors and roofs keeping the heat inside

- an efficient ventilation system with heat and/or humidity recovery, removing stale air and bringing in clean fresh air

- works to capture and use the sun’s heat to warm the property minimises the need for artificial heating.

Mr Pratt added: “It is a big step forward for Bradford. We hope it will lead to a big change.

“We expect the houses to be completed for late Summer. It is very exciting.”

The company is currently looking for future sites in the West Yorkshire area for its next project.

Bradford Council has currently drawn up guidelines for how new homes should be built - and it includes building to a much more environmentally friendly standard.