THE family of a man who was killed in a high-speed crash on the M606 following a police pursuit hit out as footage of the chase was shown during an inquest. 

Yasib Ali Mahoob died on December 18, 2017, following the early-hours pursuit.

The 34-year-old, a single man who lived on Whitby Avenue, Girlington, collided with the motorway barrier close to junction 26 for the M62 and died at the scene at around 3.40am.

Prior to that, he had failed to stop for police in the Heaton area after he was seen reversing on to the main road of the Toller Lane roundabout before driving in the wrong direction.

The inquest previously heard he had 72 documented injuries, the main ones being to his head and neck, while a toxicology report found he was more than double the drink drive limit.

There was also evidence of cocaine and cannabis use.

Footage shown during the inquest, which is being held at Bradford Crown Court and is expected to last until the end of next week, showed police following Mr Mahboob's silver Audi A4 cabriolet on the M606 at speeds of more than 140mph. 

One member of his family, visibly distressed, accused police of "pushing him and pushing him and pushing him" before the crash. 

The inquest heard from a Tactical Pursuit And Containment (TPAC) trained officer who, with a colleague, pursued Mr Mahboob after spotting him going onto the roundabout from Duckworth Lane. 

At one point, tactical contact was used to try and bring the Audi, which was not insured and did not have a registered keeper, to a stop, but Mr Mahboob continued towards the city centre, and the pursuit continued through the city, up Manchester Road, on to Mayo Avenue and on to the M606, where the helicopter was then overhead and other units were nearby. 

Eleanor Fry, representing Mr Mahboob's family, questioned the officer on the speeds he reached on the motorway and why he felt it was safe to continue, particularly when the Audi was reaching a "bad bend" in the road, which has a 50mph speed limit.

The officer said he was happy with his speed and that he had "backed off" and was not pushing the Audi.

Ms Fry said that from the point when the helicopter was in place, there was no need for the vehicle to be pursued.

She also questioned that if he was not in pursuit of the vehicle, he should not have been driving at the speed at which he did. The officer once again said he was happy with the speed and was driving in accordance with his training.

When questioned if he was still in pursuit, while driving at 140mph, he said that he was by definition, but in mindset he was not.

He said he had not seen the impact, as the gap between the two vehicles had increased, but it was "obvious" a collision had happened.

The officer said it was "inevitable" it had happened, when Mr Mahboob had not come off the M606 at Chain Bar. 

He said the Audi had come to rest in the carriageway and the roof had been ripped off and Mr Mahboob was not there. 

When questioned by Ian Mullarkey, for West Yorkshire Police, he said Mr Mahboob could have stopped at any time during the pursuit and that it was always an option. 
The inquest continues.