A BUS driver has released sensational footage of the moment a teenage girl was almost run over after she ran blindly into the main road.

The unidentified youngster was saved by the “quick reactions” of a female Safeway Rider driving instructor, on Saturday, January 8, just after 1pm.

Her actions were applauded by double-decker driver Adam Richardson, who watched it unfold in front of his eyes.

The teenager - who Mr Richardson described as being between 13 and 15-years-old - had already raced across Clayton Road without looking, to get onto his bus at a stop further up the road.


She then got off the bus near the road’s junction with Scholemoor Lane.

This is when the heart-stopping event began.

Footage from the dashcam on Mr Richardson's vehicle showed the young girl sprint diagonally across the road again, just in front of the bus-stop markings, towards Hollingwood Lane and Quora Retail Park.

The video also shows that at no point did the youngster look right to check for cars coming down the road.

There is a crossing at the traffic lights just a few metres down from where the young girl ran into the road.

Mr Richardson said: “It’s not very often that I’ve seen kids run out in to the road when alighting the bus, they usually wait till the bus has moved and the road is clear.

“They can risk serious injury running out, it’s a risk not worth taking for the sake of waiting a few seconds.”

As the teenager ran out, a Safeway Rider car was advancing towards her.

The driver quickly swerved to the right while braking, just as the young girl made it to the middle of the road, and miraculously managed to avoid oncoming traffic, as well as a head-on collision with the teenager.

She brushed off the side of the car, dropped what looked to be her phone, before limping down the middle of the road to pick up the item that had been launched from her hands.

Mr Richardson admitted she had been very lucky.

He said: “The incident with the teenage girl could have been fatal if it wasn’t for the quick reactions of the person in the learner car.

“I have contacted Safeway Riders to commend their driving instructor on the way they handled the car.”

Safeway Rider Bradford branch senior manager, Naheen Shah, also heaped praise on his driving instructor - who did not wish to be named.

He said: “It was a driving instructor in there and luckily she was able to avoid her and she bumped off slightly.

“She was shocked how this lady just came out.

“It’s a good job she was driving herself, whereas if it had been a learner it might not have been the case.”

Safeway Riders puts its instructors through monthly courses which help their career development but also make them even more aware of the dangers of the roads in Bradford, says Mr Shah.

He added: “This prepares them for these sorts of things when they take place.”