YOUR favourite Love Island contestant so far has been revealed, with the final rapidly approaching.

Priscilla Anyabu, from Battersea, is the top-rated islander in the hit ITV2 show.

The 25-year-old is right at the top, according to analysis by Mediaworks. 

The Digital Marketing Agency has been collating tweets relating to each of this year's islanders, throughout the series so far.

These are analysed using AI technology and a "Sentiment Score" (SS) is established.

This changes on a daily basis and indicates how well liked a contestant is.

Priscilla coupled with 24-year-old Londoner, Mike Boateng, on Day 26 after only entering the villa just three days before.

She is a firm fans' favourite, with the highest overall SS (OSS) of all contestants - including those who have been booted - at 71.

Island hubby Mike, whose OSS is 62, had some making up to do in last night's episode, having seen his daily SS (DSS) drop from 80, back on Monday, to 48 on Wednesday.

He got himself out the doghouse by promising to do his best to prove how much he likes Priscilla.

Portsmouth-girl, Demi Jones, isn't far behind in the minds of the nation (OSS = 69).

Jones found herself part of a love triangle last night, with the islanders tasked to recouple.

Both her, and Shaughna Phillips, have their sights on Luke Mabbott.

The episode was left on a cliffhanger with Mabbott (OSS = 65) holding the fate of the girls in his hands.

But it seems the public are in favour of Jones, with Shaughna sitting three points below her rival (OSS = 66).

She shares the same OSS rating as, the former girlfriend of superstar singer Lewis Capaldi, Paige Turley.

The top performing male, who is still in the villa, is Suffolk-lad, Ched Uzor. 

Ched (OSS = 66) coupled with Jess Gale (OSS = 65), who is a Love Island original, coming in on Day 1.

The pair coupled up on Day 26 and their relationship seems rather secure, with talk of property plans and a family on their first-ever date together two nights ago.

One former contestant is still having his presence felt in the villa, despite being booted from the show on Day 23.

Alexi Eraclides is the highest-rated male still (OSS = 69) even though he left 10 days ago.

At the other end of the scale, Jade Affleck is the lowest-rated contestant overall (OSS = 28).

She was booted out on Day 26.

Luke Trotman is the worst rated contestant who is still in the villa (OSS = 44).

Here's a full list of OSS (as of 14/02/20):

Current Contestants:

1) Priscilla Anyabu (71)

2) Demi Jones (69)

3) Ched Uzor (67)

=4) Paige Turley (66)

=4) Shaughna Phillips (66)

=6) Jess Gale (65)

=6) Luke Mabbott (65)

8) Mike Boateng (62)

=9) Molly Smith (58)

=9) Siânnise Fudge (58)

11) Natalia Zoppa (55)

12) Callum Jones (54)

13) Finley Tapp (49)

14) Luke Trotman (44)

Booted-Out Contestants:

1) Alexi Eraclides (69)

2) Nas Majeed (55)

3) Rebecca Gormley (53)

4) Biggs Chris (45)

5) George Day (43)

6) Eva Zapico (42)

7) Jamie McCann (40)

8) Josh Kempton (33)

9) Jade Affleck (28)

Not Included:

Jordan Waobikeze

Sophie Piper

Wallace Wilson

Leanne Amaning

Connor Durman

Connagh Howard

Eve Gale

Ollie Williams