A BEDRAGGLED badger has been saved from a drain after falling 6ft and getting stuck.

RSPCA animal collection officer John Greaves was called to a property in Thornton Road, Bradford, on Wednesday after a groundsman found the badger down a 2ft-wide uncovered drain.

John said: “The manhole cover had been left off of the drain due to all of the rain and flooding. The groundsman spotted this poor, bedraggled badger down the drain and called us.

“The drain had only been opened earlier in the day so luckily, the badger hadn’t been down there too long and she wasn’t injured.


“I managed to lift her out and check her over so released her there and then. It was a lovely, large private house with extensive grounds and I suspect she may have had cubs back at the sett so I wanted to get her back into the wild as quickly as possible.

“She scurried off across the lawn and into the undergrowth - she knew exactly where she was going and was obviously in a rush!”

If something like this happens to you, the RSPCA advises members of the public to keep a safe distance and contact its 24-hour emergency helpline if they find an injured or trapped wild animal.

“Badgers are beautiful creatures but they have sharp claws and a mouth full of teeth,” John added.

“They can scratch and bite when they’re distressed or in pain so it’s really important to keep a safe distance and call for help if you find one in need of assistance.”

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