COUPLES are likely to see red when it comes to the state of their bathroom.

A study of 2,000 adults found that men are left incensed by their partner not clearing their hair out of the plug hole – and women are left horrified by the mess or the ghastly smell left behind by men in the toilet.

‘Bathroom Wars’ are frequently taking place across the country, with 65 per cent of adults admitting to arguing with the partner over the state it is left in, the study commissioned by Triton Showers found.

Over a third of adults think their partner hogs the shower for too long, while failing to clean the taps and leaving wet towels everywhere enrages one in six.

Over half of adults have said that they argue up to three times a week over the state the room has been left in.

Common arguments centre around the floor being left soaking wet, and the toilet seat being left up.

One in 10 adults claim to have had another bathroom installed in their home as a result of finding their partner's habits so annoying.

A further one in 10 have insisted when they last moved, they looked for a new home with two bathrooms - to avoid their partner’s irritating habits, such as failing to replace the toilet roll or leaving toothpaste all over the mirror.

Four in 10 claim their other half do more annoying things in the toilet - but a similar number say they're just as bad as each other.

Nearly one in five have say they have split up with someone because they were so infuriated by their bathroom antics.

Over half of respondents admit to having to pull horrible clumps of wet hair out of the plug hole every couple of weeks, with nearly one in five doing it every week, and one in 20 having to do it daily.

Many are left trying to bite their lip over such issues, with 54 per cent saying they do so to avoid further bickering.

Men tend to spend longer in the bathroom trying to get away from daily stresses, averaging 13 minutes compared to women spending 11 minutes in time out.

To get some peace and quiet, to get away from the kids and to avoid a nagging other half were the top reasons many 'hide away' in the bathroom.


1 Leaves an empty toilet roll and doesn't replace it

2 Never cleans the toilet after making a mess in it

3 Never cleans their hair out of the plughole

4 Leaves a ghastly smell behind after them

5 Never cleans the taps properly

6 Leaving wet towels around

7 Leaving the floor soaking wet

8 Always leaves the loo seat up

9 Leaves hairs in the sink or shower tray after shaving

10 Hangs the toilet roll the 'wrong' way

11 Doesn't wipe away excess water after showering

12 Walks in on you when you're using the loo

13 Always leaves the shower temperature at skin-scalding levels

14 Leaves clothes all over the floor

15 Tries to talk to you when you're on the toilet

16 Hogs the bathroom

17 Sprays toothpaste all over the mirror

18 Leaving the top of the toothpaste tube covered in toothpaste

19 Always turns taps on elsewhere when you're trying to shower, messing with the temperature

20 Not picking the bath mat up after using it