A POLICE officer who works in Bradford has revealed a shocking assault unleashed on her. 

PC Sarah Barberini shared the ordeal on Twitter.

She said: "Clearly one of tonights 'customers' didn't like females.

"Going home tonight a little bit sore after being kicked to the stomach and having a foot to the face.

"A number of other colleagues also assaulted. Body cams capture it all, even the suspect laughing."

Many people responded to her tweet, expressing their disgust at the situation. 

"Awful! We appreciate the great job you do. Get well soon!" said one person. 

While another said: "Just despicable. Thinking of you and hoping you get good care and support. Thank you for what you do to keep others safe."

A police union has condemned the "worrying trend of assaults" on its officers after 210 attacks in the first month of the year.

In January alone, there were 210 incidents of assault, but 251 different assault types – including biting, punching, head-butting and kicking.

Craig Grandison, Vice-Chairman of West Yorkshire Police Federation, warned it could be "another record year" for the region's force.

In 2018-2019, there were 1,897 assaults on West Yorkshire officers, which was the second-highest number of assaults after the Met Police.