March 1986, Grattan’s catalogue shop, Manorgrove, opened its third discount store in Bradford’s St James Street.

Open six days a week Monday to Saturday, the store was crammed full of merchandise at amazingly low prices – anything from fashion, footwear, bedding, household goods, jewellery and watches to hi-fi and electrical goods: in fact there was such a variety that it is impossible to list.

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Huddled on the steps of the new Bradford bargain store was Fazal Hussain and Khadim Hussain who had hoped to grab themselves a first day bargain. Both men had queued for more 13 hours but reckoned the all-night wait had been worthwhile.

In 1993 the Bradford-based mail order giant Grattan sold off most of its Manorgrove chain for an undisclosed sum. At the time Grattan kept just two of its flagship Manorgrove stores, one at Westfield opposite its Ingleby Road headquarters and at the other at the Centre Point, Leeds.