THE SEARCH is on for the UK’s oldest running fish and chip shop as the celebration of 160 years of fish and chips begins.

The origins and development of the dish in the 1860 are closely associated with the industrial revolution and it has maintained huge popularity as the original and affordable takeaway ever since.

The National Federation of Fish Friers (NFFF) is looking to officially rule on the UK’s oldest fish and chip shop and are asking for members of the public to chip in and suggest their own local.

Until 2016 the oldest shop was located in Leeds, now shut down.

NFFF President Andrew Crook said “Fish and chips is the nation’s favourite, everyone will have a memory of fish and chips as a child."

All shops will be contacted to be asked to supply supporting evidence of which a fish and chip industry panel will sit down and verify the oldest shop.

If you think your local fish and chip shop is the oldest in the country please let the NFFF know at