BRADFORD leaders have welcomed Boris Johnson giving HS2 the green light, but are demanding the PM guarantees a city centre stop as part of the plans.

Johnson announced in Parliament yesterday afternoon that the high-speed railway will be delivered.

He also outlined that a new dedicated HS2 minister will be appointed to oversee the project.

The plans also include a commitment to the Northern section of new high-speed railway.

But, leaders in Bradford want that to be taken one step further.

In the midst of rumours emerging over the weekend that a Bradford city centre stop may not be included in the planned Northern Powerhouse Rail (NPR) route, Bradford South MP Judith Cummins put the question to the PM, following the HS2 announcement.

She said: "I welcome the announcement that the Northern section of HS2 will go ahead, as crucially it will be integrated with NPR.

"As the Prime Minister said this country has been held back by inadequate infrastructure, so does the Prime Minister agree with me that Northern Powerhouse Rail must include a city centre stop in Bradford?"

Johnson responded to say that the Government will be consulting on the issue very shortly.

The question was also asked to Rishi Sunak MP, Chief Secretary to the Treasury.

He explained that he'd met Councillor Susan Hinchcliffe, Leader of Bradford Council, in recent weeks and described the city as having an "exciting future".

Mr Sunak added: "I believe the plans that NPR have put forward include Bradford, we're happy to look at those.”

"Transport for the North (TfN) are actively at the moment engaging with local stakeholders on the various routes for improving connectivity between Manchester and Leeds – and that includes Bradford city centre."

TfN admitted the combination of HS2 and NPR will "transform the rail legacy left by the Victorians, now creaking under the strain of demand".

Barry White, Chief Executive of TfN said: "That the Prime Minister has stated clearly that this isn't a choice between one or the other is a giant leap forward, something our Northern leaders have been steadfast on."

One of those leaders, Cllr Hinchcliffe, also welcomed the news that HS2 would be delivered in full, but concurred with Mrs Cummins that the next step is the most important.

She said: "The really key decision for Bradford’s future is what the Government decides to do next on Northern Powerhouse Rail, the east-west rail connection which the Prime Minister committed to before the General Election.

"Bradford is the biggest city in the country not on a mainline train line.

"We have made a strong economic case for Bradford to be a stop on a new line between Manchester and Leeds. Stopping at Bradford would add £15 billion to the economy of the North.

"We will keep working and lobbying on this investment opportunity which would make a massive difference to the future of the thousands of young people growing up in this, the youngest city in the UK."

Mrs Cummins added: "I am pleased the Government appears to be listening and accepting the case that Bradford city centre must be included on Northern Powerhouse Rail.

"The reports that Bradford was to be dropped were extremely concerning. I will continue to fight Bradford’s corner when it comes to rail infrastructure."