A BUILDER'S yard in Baildon can be re-developed as eight homes.

Bradford Council has granted planning permission to build housing on Ellis' Yard, off Westgate in the village centre and next to the Baildon Conservation Area.

The plans were submitted late last year by the owners - the Trustees of the Ellis Trust, who said a builder's business was "incompatible" with the town's Conservation Area.

A similar application for housing on the site was refused in 2017, but Council officers felt the new scheme addressed the concerns they previously held over the site's re-development.

Under the new plans, the site will be split into two separate parcels, with access to one via Westgate and access to the other via Newton Way.

Controversial Baildon housing plan is withdrawn

The application said: "Given the location of the site outside the Conservation Area, it is reasonable to draw a conclusion that the current use can best be described as inappropriate and non-conforming and harmful to the character of the adjacent Conservation Area boundary.

"Such a use does, however, draw  certain permitted rights and privileges. It attracts commercial vehicles making deliveries on a daily basis. Such activities can be inappropriate and cause annoyance, disturbance and inconvenience to adjacent land uses.

"The effective removal of such a use would significantly and materially enhance the character, setting, form and function of this part of the Conservation Area." 

Planning officers agreed, and said of the existing site: "It is somewhat unsightly and its continued use as a builder's yard is potentially incompatible with both the character and appearance of the adjoining conservation area, and the amenity of neighbouring occupiers, particularly the neighbouring residential uses.

"Redevelopment of this previously developed land for housing presents an opportunity to very significantly benefit the area through removal of the existing poor quality buildings, unsightly storage and potentially disruptive commercial activity, as well as making a modest contribution to delivery of housing land in accordance with local and national planning policy objectives."