COUNCILLORS fighting against speeding in their ward were bemused to find its speed indicators using kilometres instead of miles per hour.

A newsletter was sent round to residents and business owners who were confused by the newly fitted monitors on Pudsey Road, near Henconner Lane/Tong Road, and another nearby which was facing the wrong way.

Councillors David and Ann Blackburn and Ann Forsaith wrote in their notice: "At long last the two speed indicators requested by your councillors, and funded through the Outer West Community Committee, have been fitted. Unfortunately, when they were installed, the one on Lower Wortley Road was facing in the wrong direction, and both were showing kph instead mph. These were adjusted after your councillors reported the matter to Highways, and they are now working correctly."

The issue was first brought to their attention by local shop owners, homeowners and the driver of the Green Party's New Year's Day bus service who said "That's not right!".

It is part of an ongoing battle against lawless drivers with some even crashing into gardens.

Councillor David Blackburn (Green Party, Farnley and Wortley) told the Telegraph & Argus: "We had a pot of money. The thing is the two areas we're talking about has problems with speeding.

"We get them bombing down there and it's caused a lot of damage to cars parked up.

"The Lower Wortley road has a history of hitting the bend at speed. Occasionally they end up in somebody's garden.

"We thought we'd try it out on these two spots and if that works we'd use some more of the money."