WITH a popular wedding venue being ordered to remove its events marquees, a number of weddings parties planned for the coming weeks have been cancelled.

L&C Leisure, the company that runs 6 Acres in Tong, has this week written to a number of guests to inform them their event has been cancelled, and to offer a refund and help finding a new venue.

It follows the unsuccessful appeal against an enforcement notice on the venue, which was issued by Bradford Council.

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The letter says the company is “bitterly disappointed and has pointed out to the local authority and the planning inspectorate the adverse effect that this will have on very many people including yourselves.

“Unfortunately, those representations have not been effective and although we are working on a scheme whereby the venue we hope will be regularised from a planning point of view this will unfortunately come too late to allow us to honour your booking.

“We appreciate that this will be a devastating blow for you and can only apologise for what has occurred.”

Jon Gomersal will be marrying his fiancée Sharon in Barbados next month, and had planned to hold a UK reception for family and friends at the 6 Acres in early April.

After receiving the letter informing him the event was being cancelled, he said: “We’d only been up there (the venue) the Sunday before.

“We’re getting married abroad then coming back for a UK family do with 120 people.

“We’re just looking for a new venue at the moment. With us going away we’re having to do everything quite fast, we’ve only got six weeks.”

Gabriella Haile, 22, and her fiancee Ethan Quesne, 24 will tie the knot in late March and had booked the 6 Acres for their meal and evening event almost 18 months ago.

They are also now trying to find a new venue that can host the 170 guests they had hoped would attend.

Miss Haile said: “We’ve been ringing up a lot of places - a lot are all booked up, but we’ve found two that might be free. We wish we could have had a heads up earlier.

“We had people coming from America and Germany, we have to find somewhere for them to come now.”