A DOUBLE-DECKER bus carrying children had to be evacuated because of a fire.

The First bus was being driven along Woodside Road in Wyke at about 2.30pm, when the driver noticed smoke emerging from the engine's vents.

He pulled over into a bus stop near the Huddersfield Road junction and saw flames in the engine.

He stopped the engine and evacuated the children on board.

When firefighters arrived they put out the small fire using one hose reel.

The passengers were put onto another bus following and a spokesman for Cleckheaton Fire Station said they were never in any real danger.

He praised the bus driver for his actions: "His quick actions, stopping, turning off the engine and isolating it prevented the fire from spreading."

Firefighters stayed on the scene for about 20 minutes to cool the engine down.

A crew from Odsal also attended the incident.