PLANS to refurbish a Quaker Burial ground in Bradford have been approved.

Late last year an application to install a new information board at the Idle Quaker Burial Ground on Westfield Lane was submitted to Bradford Council.

Quakers from Bradford are working with the local community to renovate the grounds to make a "place of peace and tranquility."

The group has arranged the replacement of missing coping stones on stonework at the site, and are clearing vegetation and litter from the grounds.

Old title deed reveals insight into early life of Quakers

They hope the works to the area will create a greater sense of community pride over the site and reduce the number of "minor acts of vandalism" at the Grade II listed site.

As part of this work the group wanted to install the information board, detailing the history of Bradford Quakers and the burial ground itself - which dates back to 1690.

Quakers rejected the authority of the established Church and were often persecuted.

Many were imprisoned and their families’ possessions were confiscated. They were also denied a burial in consecrated ground. Instead they created burial grounds on private land such as the one at Idle.

Approving the new information board at the site, planning officers said: "The interpretation and landscaping will result in a better understanding and presentation of this site, which is beneficial."