A PLAY will show pupils the modern day risks of underage drinking on its tour round West Yorkshire schools.

The performance is part of ‘Smashed’, an alcohol education and awareness programme delivered by Collingwood Learning and sponsored by Diageo, a global leader in beverage alcohol.

Secondary school students, aged 12 to 14, will watch a play about a group of friends who find themselves in trouble as a result of their misuse of alcohol.

One plotline sees how a young girl is humiliated on social media after her friend posts a video of her vomiting.

‘Smashed’ was developed in consultation with young people and combines drama with interactive workshops to help young people understand the facts, causes, and consequences of alcohol misuse and the risks of underage drinking.

The performance is followed by an interactive workshop where pupils will rewatch the dramatic scenes and explore the consequences portrayed by the actors.

Chris Simes, managing director at Collingwood Learning, told the Telegraph & Argus: "Overall the level of underage drinking has reduced quite dramatically.

"I think it's different from when the cast were younger but for those kids who do drink the same issues do prevail.

"It shows all the different causes and consequences.

"I think using theatre is a great way (to discuss it). It's about getting them to buy into what could happen to them.

"It's a brilliant technique for showing them the impact it can have on a person and those around them. We can replay a scene.

" "It's a great way of getting young people to articulate it themselves, rather than us just telling them 'Don't drink'."

The play extends beyond the classroom with Smashed explaining how young people can access support for alcohol issues.

Mr Collingworth explained many programmes raise awareness of the issue but leave young people in the dark about where to go for help.

"We have great feedback. We see a 20-30 per cent increase in awareness of where to get help," he added.

Everyone receives a free online guide which supports parents with discussions at home about underage drinking.

Stuart Andrew, Conservative MP for Pudsey, said: “I’m pleased pupils in Pudsey will be given a better understanding of the problems surrounding underage drinking.

"It’s an opportunity to internalise vital life lessons early on.

"Thanks to ‘Smashed’, for bringing their one-of-a-kind workshop to Pudsey Grangefield School.”

And the play appears to be working.

95 per cent of students said they were less likely to drink alcohol underage after taking part.

While 96 per cent of students understood the term ‘peer pressure’ after the session.

On its West Yorkshire tour, 'Smashed' will target year seven and eight pupils at Bradford Academy in East Bowling and year eight pupils at Pudsey Grangefield School, Pudsey.

2,200 students from the region will get the hard-hitting lesson. 'Smashed' will reach 35,000 students across the UK this year alone. Mr Collingworth explained: "We want them to see the consequences of these actions."