BRADFORD Bulls kicked off their season with a narrow 18-14 home defeat to London Broncos.

John Kear’s side started their Betfred Championship campaign playing home games at Tetley’s Stadium in Dewsbury against a side relegated from the Super League last season.

The Bulls players took to social media after the finals whistle to give their reaction to the loss. Here are Brad Gallagher and Steve Crossley’s responses:

Meanwhile, here is a selection of comments from the fans, left on the Telegraph & Argus website:

The Fat Lady: “Not anywhere close to the embarrassment it could have been. It augurs well for the season and that, on the basis of this, the Bulls will not be relegated. Tough times ahead but a promising start. Well done to the boys and the side will only get better.”

Millyn: “There were some young lads there who played really well and looks good for the future.”

Wolford6: “The Bulls concentrated on barging too much in the first half. They looked a lot better when they played a more expansive game in the second half.

“London were the better team overall ... they ran much sharper lines ... but the Bulls could have got a draw if they'd kicked all their shots at goal. Our fortunes will improve as the season progresses.

“There's no getting away from the fact that the Dewsbury pitch is terrible. Apart from it being tiny, players kept losing their footing on the soft surface.”

But Wolford6’s comment on the pitch was disputed by ‘bigwoz’, they wrote: “Sorry got to disagree with you about the pitch. It's up to players to get the right studs in.

“In my opinion the best thing lost but what Cost us was not finding touch with a penalty, kicking straight out on the full I'm not receiving the ball from a goal line dropout twice.criminal.

“I think we need to play lillie at acting half and try to get another ball player in.

“The commitment passion and effort was fantastic but we need a bit more quality and another winger for the fat guy on the right.coyb”

Frater Perdurabo: “It's no smaller than odsal, which always LOOKED larger due to the terraces being further away.”

But Paul disagreed: “I think if you compare the dimensions you'll find it's a lot smaller.”