PARENTS are fighting for safety changes to a "dangerous" road crossing yards away from a nursery and school.

Petition leader Joanna McMorris has dubbed the problematic junction at Grosvenor Road and Fern Hill Road, Shipley, a "nightmare", reaching its worst at peak times as cars speed over 20mph between the speed bumps and turn without indicating.

The mum would like a raised junction and flashing warning lights in a bid to slow traffic down and make drivers aware of the junction and children crossing.

Concerned parents from St Walburga's Catholic Primary School and Westfield House Childcare have signed the petition as well as councillor Vick Jenkins (Labour, Shipley), who feels solutions are needed immediately.

Joanna told the Telegraph & Argus: "In the mornings and the evenings it feels like you're risking your own life.

"It does feel dangerous, especially when you've got a small child or there's people who have got a couple of kids.

"I feel the council has a duty of care to the school and nursery children that frequently use this junction, to make the roads safer for them - and not wait until there is an incident before they take action.

"Sometimes you're dashing across the road when cars are coming.

"There's lots of kids around."

The campaign is almost set to be presented to the full council when officers will reveal the findings of their speed and volume checks.

Bradford Council said no accidents had been recorded at the junction in the past five years but officers are assessing the findings of their site survey.

Councillor Jenkins said: "I am very keen to get involved and support this campaign.

"There are already traffic measures in place to slow the traffic on Grosvenor Road however at this junction in particular many vehicles are speeding and turning dangerously where there are lots of children and families with very little ones crossing at peak times.

"I am keen for the petition to get full support from local people and I have initiated conversations with my ward colleagues and council officers to get some solutions to this issue."

MP Philip Davies has also taken to action by writing to the chief executive of Bradford Council.

Jo says she hasn't met one parent who hasn't wanted to get behind the petition.

She continued: "They had the same concerns but no one had acted on it.

"The junction is a nightmare at times.

"There's a 20 miles per hour speed limit and it's there for reason."

"I’m campaigning for a raised junction and flashing warning lights in order to slow traffic down at this junction and make drivers aware of the junction and children crossing."

A spokesperson for Bradford Council said: “We take road safety extremely seriously and have responded to the parents’ concerns by visiting the site, carefully checking the accident data for the junction and running a speed and volume survey.

“No accidents have been recorded at the junction over the past five years, however, officers will assess the survey data and speak to the parents, staff at the school and the roads policing team to come up with some possible solutions.”