A FORMER student of a man who died yesterday has paid tribute to a "memorable character" who was more than just a supply teacher.

St Bede's and St Joseph's Catholic College confirmed earlier today that a man who died in the early hours of yesterday morning was supply teacher Mo Shaffi.

He was found on Serpentine Road, Cleckheaton at around 2.50am and was pronounced dead a short time later.

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Ihsan Ahmed, 24, started at St Bede's before it merged to become St Bede's and St Joseph's Catholic College in September 2014.

He attended the school right from Year 7 and share a photo with the T&A of Mr Shaffi and himself at Sixth Form Prom, around six years ago.

Mr Ahmed said he first came into contact with Mr Shaffi from Year 9 onwards and spoke fondly of him.

He said: "I'd just reiterate what everyone else is saying really - you knew it was going to be a good laugh when he was at the front of the class."

The 24-year-old also explained that Mr Shaffi was more than just a supply teacher - he was very much part of the school's makeup. 

Mr Ahmed said: "If you asked me to name any other support teacher, I'd struggle.

"But you can think of Mr Shaffi straight away.

"I sent the news to my group chat and everyone was like 'I can't believe that happened'.

"He was a very memorable character."

"Even my sister, who went to St Joseph's and went to the Sixth Form as well, knows him.

"My little brother goes to the school and he knows him."

Mr Ahmed described the teacher as a "bubbly character" who let pupils enjoy their studying.

He said: "You never saw him shouting at anyone.

"Obviously there's a divide between students and teachers, but he was as close to the line.

"You could have a laugh, obviously within moderation."

Others have paid tribute to Mr Shaffi on the T&A's Book of Condolence.

Tracie, Chris and Logan Heap said: "Deepest condolences and prayers at the sad loss of an amazing teacher, Mr Shaffi."

An unnamed contributor said: "Condolences to one of our best supply teachers, you always knew it was going to be a great hour when you saw him sitting at the desk.

"Everyone who ever went to SBSJ will remember Mr Shaffi."

Another said: "R.I.P. to Mr Shaffi. One of the funniest and loveliest supply teachers we could have had.

"Never failed to make us laugh regardless of what class it was. Condolences to his family"

Two contributors described Mr Shaffi as a "legend", while another offered condolences and said "now show them how it's done in heaven".