A YORKSHIRE mum who is currently working in Wuhan, China, has been offered a flight home to the UK - but told she will not be allowed to bring her child back with her.

Natalie Francis, 31, is working as an English teacher in the area which is in lockdown due to the outbreak of the coronavirus.

She has been offered a flight back to Britain - but told she cannot bring her three-year-old son with her.

Natalie said she's been told she can't bring her son, Jamie, home because he has a Chinese passport - despite being a British citizen. 

She said that she was very concerned about her son's health, adding: "He contracted pneumonia in 2018 and the virus seems to affect those with pre-existing conditions.

"I am worried that there may still be an effect from last winter.

"We weren't too worried before but now that the virus is affecting people of all ages, it is becoming much more concerning." 

She added that she was still hopeful that she will be able to bring Jamie home to Britain.

Natalie said that she, her husband and her son had been cooped up in her apartment for the last two weeks, and have only left three times to get supplies. 

She adding: "I am so worried about leaving my son. I am trying to get him a flight, and remain hopeful. 

"Myself and my husband both think it would be best for his health to go back to Britain. 

"I don't know anyone who has contracted the virus but we have been inside for days, the atmosphere is very scary and everything is becoming overwhelming and stressful." 

Natalie added she has had no further contact from the Foreign Office since they told her that her son could not return to Britain. 

A spokesman for the Foreign Office said: “The safety of British nationals is our top priority and we have been in close contact with British nationals and their family members who might need help.

"Our priority is to keep British nationals and their family members together and have urgently raised this with the Chinese authorities.”