With its striking white arches, stucco walls and beamed ceilings, Kamares of La Ronde, Great Horton Road, had all the right elements of a Mediterranean holiday. Consisting of a main restaurant on the first floor, a 200-seater fish restaurant and a banqueting hall, customers were spoilt for choice.

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The waitress service restaurant also doubled up as a self-service café and coffee lounge, surrounded by wood panelling and soft carpeting.

A third arch revealed an entrance to the Bar Tropicana, which played music on a lunchtime and most evenings. There was also music in the cocktail lounge of the main restaurant and dancing to records every night except Sunday. And in the restaurant, itself, a trio of musicians entertained diners on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

Stamping his warm and ebullient personality on the place, owner Mr Pyrgotis first launched his business in 1959, after spending many summer months in his native Cyprus, collecting items of decoration and samples of the island’s handicrafts to adorn the interior of the premises.